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Re: Reset herne please

Difinitus wrote:We're investigating what happened but it's back online.

Yes was back online very fast thank you, base spawned in stead of prime :( but a very busy day on Herne with resets and raids lol I’m so tired

Re: Fishing spots after 110?

Hi fisherman, you have fishing spot - in Fingal's Cave (level 110 to 149. You can forget the western area for archaic relics) - in OW (level 150 to 159 but you must have a good view because everything is fixed in green color ^^) - in Dunskeig Sewer (level 160 to 169. Put yours speed boots if you ha...

Re: Fishing Question

So I've been trying to figure out fishing rings and they seem to come in two types. Concentration, and fishing power. So I'd like to know how power compares to Concentration. Like a 15 fishing power Vs. 200 fishing Concentration. Since I can wear a bunch of fishing Con rings as long as there differ...

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