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Re: Harrassment/bullying?

Why would expect OTM to do anything about this? It ensures people need to buy more lixs and hence is good for the ongoing upkeep of the game. The fact that players leave just means a new crop will come thro and contribute to the cycle.

Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

Dear OTM I think it may be time for you to sit down and work out what the issues are and come up with a perminant fix. This has now become a drain on people’s good will and time (not to mention lixs, restos ect). Resets are obviously only a temporary fix and the lag returns after a few hours. Whilst...

Re: Ranger Advice?

Bogganses are the way forward. Good gold, decent Xp and they drop bone shards. I know it can get a little monotonous but hey you're a ranger! Try target practice with the farm animals in Lirs or bolaring random noobs! Oh and do your bounties :)-

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