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Re: Refund

So long as you have submitted your Support Ticket within 3 days of purchase you will be eligible for a refund. Be sure to include the full name of the item as this speeds up the process. Thanks Hello, it has been over two weeks now since I've sent my report. I don't want to nag support or anything ...


Hi, I recently purchased the wrong weapon at the bridge of despair vendor and I would like a refund. My question is; would playing after sending a support ticket invalidate my eligibility for a refund? I'm asking because that weapon I purchased is the only weapon I have at the moment and my only mea...

Re: Is glitching through walls considered ban worthy?

Well you could enter the water at the waterfall beside the Statue of Epona near the Tavern before, and were able to glitch to weird places in the old Castle (before a certain patch/update that fixed that). I did both all the time before without being banned so doing those things are pretty much the...

Re: Smash, Zelda, Starfox?!

Hogana wrote:
Brianx wrote:Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time it is! Plus with all the content, it'll keep me busy. Thanks fellas^_^ I hope the water temple isn't too bad though..right? RIGHT?


only takes about a week to get through. :P

Oh god, the game or the temple? xD

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