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FFS Please get rid of Ymir!!!!

Please, for the love of God get rid of all those Red, Worthless Giants known as YMIR. There were 3 spawned in Carrow the other day on Donn!!!!! The drops are soooooo worthless, that nobody even bothers killing them anymore! Can you please replace with a new MOB or even a Dragon , or Spider, or anyth...

Where Should I LIX at level 213

Hey Rangers, I've been grinding out LIXES in Forbidden for a while and I'm just not seeing the XP that I want. Anyone have any suggestions for a SOLO Lixing Ranger at Level 213? I ditched Longshot a while ago to go more DPS, but I still use Bolas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rangers

Re: What comes after?

So correct me if Im wrong at any point in this post. Just sharing my thoughts. So currently the new update is out and theres not much to do. We got weekly reaver bosses for rewards, EDL offhands to tier up, and bloodthorn to kill. Now for 2 years we have been waiting for this update and there are o...

Re: What faction should you choose if you're a Ranger?

I chose to side with the Lich (and kill reavers) for 2 reasons... I also have an ice mage, so will always have Ice lure to go with the cold damage. And the Lich ranger ammy adds strength, attack and energy. The Reaver ammy adds strength, defense and health. Thanks for the help guys. So then I shoul...

Re: Level 190 Ranger Needs some Advice

If you want to upgrade gear without leveling up, I would get some eldritch rings of valour. If I were you though I would bite through 10 levels and get to lvl 200 as it allows you to equip a lot better gear. At 200 try to get a runic pendant, lvl 200 haste quiver (if you don’t have dl quiver), prot...

Level 190 Ranger Needs some Advice

Ok my wise Ranger Peeps, I need some serious Ranger advice. I'm currently Level 190 and I'm not happy with my build. Thinking of doing a reset, but wanted to get your opinions first. I dumped Longshot (to try and max my DPS)as I read a lot of EG players don't use it (still don't know if that was the...

Re: Am I doing something wrong?

I camped lizards for a month to get SS and never had any luck. Then one day, I was farming Hawkhursts and boom, there it is. So I guess I had better luck with the Hawkhursts than I did the lizards. I even killed the big lizard 5* many times and it never dropped. So Hawkhursts FTW!!! Good luck.

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