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Dhio Wishlist

What are some items you'd like to obtain from the new raid that are likely to replace your current gear?

A new bow would be nice :D

Re: Bt event

Toxic of Sulis pretty much killed BT on spawn with 16 kills and our noteworthy drops were: Imperial nature touch heal ring Godly ice blast recast ring Godly sneaky attack dagger ring Imperial quick strike recast ring Imperial firebolt firemagic ring Imperial pummel sword ring Royal rogue helm A pret...

Re: Epona

It's going to be difficult getting anyone to come to gwydion :(

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Echoing what many have said before me, not removing pots was an oversight. People are addicted to this game and your most loyal players use 2-3 devices, along with the fact that support and tank characters will have difficulty in farming (yes they can reskill, but many just have support gear), shoul...

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