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Re: Favorite fash

So for my Lady it will be the white sunlit set, And for my Lord, saw the violent hole made in the bank account after the acquisition of the white sunlit set as a wedding gift of Madam, it will be the bathrobe version downhill bed - the white charm of the Royal (flawless all the same because it is no...

Re: Fishing spots after 110?

Hi fisherman, you have fishing spot - in Fingal's Cave (level 110 to 149. You can forget the western area for archaic relics) - in OW (level 150 to 159 but you must have a good view because everything is fixed in green color ^^) - in Dunskeig Sewer (level 160 to 169. Put yours speed boots if you hav...

Which skills for a clanless solo druid (lvl 180) in front of deepfire trolls ?

Hello everybody, I am a casual player whose only character is a druid of level 180. To be without clan (I am not familiar with english and totally not with IG SMS english) and to play in solo never obstructed me because I am not obnubilated by the boss and their ultimate equipment. With the money th...

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