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Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

Love the ideas I've seen so far on this topic, And gz OTM on 7yrs! I'd love to see these ideas in live game for the celebratory duration.. -Double Plat (ofc) -Extend bounty limit by 2 -Double XP on bounties -New "Birthday Chests" or "Caerus chests" (Greek god related to the perso...

Re: Valentines Day Competition!

Name: RoBro Server: Donn My picture is what I truly care about. The one who has found a special place in my heart, whom I shall forever cherish. The one who made me be able to smile and yearn their mere presence. The one who I protected, whilst protecting me. But a wretched untimley demise, envoked ...

Re: Donn server down?

Server was up for me for about a hour (10-11pm eastern). Other than 2 others, no1 in my clan (Vikings) could log in. Huge Lag made it difficult to kill urchaid 5*. At around 11 got disconnected when a 125 6* dragon had about 5% health left lol. Couldn't log back in after that

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