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So Danu...

Since Danu is so great! (Sarcasm) why don't we have a random forum chat since our forum seems you know dead lol

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello, I've been playing since 2012 or 2013 or so ( my brother got me into this game). I was originally a mage in Belenus but shortly after I became a warrior in Danu. Named Awsomewarrior ( I know I spelled that wrong, I was like 7). And I accidentally deleted her at lvl 36 or so ( RIP) . So here i...

Re: Hi

Hello bud and welcome to Danu, I'd say sever is pretty good but dull when you first start out, takes awhile to get anywhere. The main little people club is Nitro, Elite Alliance, and Prophecy. Even tho I recommend Nitro or EA. Both is ran great. End Game Clans are Ascension and Kudos. Some can Argue...

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