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Re: Gold for fashion

Muldar wrote:I was discussing this yesterday with Taps and it is definitely something we would like to do again.
Bounty Vendor could do with a new set of fashion too!

Make the bounty fast come in black and gold and we have a deal.

Partnership ability

Tired of the long leveling sessions at high levels? Introducing the: Partnership Ability : Certain combinations of classes just work too well together? Ability gives bonuses to different combinations of classes! Example: Person A and Person B level together alot, as they level their Partnership Abil...

Ride Along - Battle Mounts

Since battlemounts are so big, what do you guys think about a ride along option? Lets say a clan is heading to Snorri, and Person A has a battle mount and person B has to walk. Wouldn't it be cool for person B to use a ride along skill to hop onto Person A's battle mount? Only if person A allows it ...

Re: Tank To DPS

hmm at 103, the last thing you want to worry about is being a tank. Anyways, for skills I would use: Pummel, Rupture, Shatter, Frenzy, and Double Attack. For stat points, spread them out between Vitality and Strength, more on strength. Hope this helps!

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