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Re: Some Quest Thoughts

I've been able to kill DL bosses the only ones u can't solo are the 6*. I've also killed a ton of people in duels who have EDL. Trust me it's completely possible to solo. if u want EDL or anything further than that tho u should join a clan. My 190 solos sreng 6 and I'm on the hunt for a 190 percept...

Re: Best luck obliv

Supz wrote:And this all started cuz ea time u Fraggels see me u act Like u r the king of the hill n start insulting just cuz u Have numbers.
At some point i outlocked 7 of u Guys on My own on 215 5... So not gona take ya crap talk.

Ik a level 210 rogue on lir with way better stats

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