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Re: Snor and Sreng Locker

You definitely need a bit more hp than you think if you do not always have a full support cast behind your lockers; also as mentioned earlier the aoe from Snorri is really brutal for low hp rogues. Had it happen many times that I die quickly from drawing the immediate aggro due to hitting it first o...

Re: Memories of CH associated with...?

Probably the most harmonic and beautiful music ever made. I totally agree with you on that. I try not to dwell that much in the past, as it kind of becomes sad when you get too attached to memories associated with this game as you grow older. Agree completely again. It is sad to play when you think...

Re: celtic mythology

well i did look it up and danu wasn't a major god, a few others weren't either. whys that? And who is fingal supposed to be. is he in the mythology of celts? And I like scandinavian mythology cuz its really interesting to me. You are correct, many of the names are of lesser Gods. Reasons for this, ...

Re: celtic mythology

rouge1235 wrote:all the worlds for iOS (and Lir from android) are named after celtic gods

Donn and sometimes Balor are considered to be Gods as well, although they are a bit different from the others.

Re: Necro.

Trouble wrote:Wondering, how many druids with lvl 50 e harvest would it take?

Guess there is only one way to find out...

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