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Re: Dragon Pet

I really wonder what Devs actively seeking :)

I see several good threads in Feedback & Suggestion section. Community would love to know what Devs thinking about those.

Re: The Dino raid.

- 1 orb until rage, 2 after rage - Always same orb spawn point but different paths - Decrease negative energy timer 20 > 10 - Decrease negative energy hits 3x > 2x, 1x - Decrease hit power of 4* adds - Increase TP limit to 30 or 35 - Fix invisible orbs - Prevent griefers abusing TP limit - Make boss...

Re: Apostate braces

Brace is one of the many proof of devs don't know their game well. I'm pretty sure they didn't know how good those braces are when they designed and released. After they realised they lowered drop rates probably to same chance of spyrestone drop or even lower. Since you all know spyrestone braces ca...

Re: The Dino raid.

I wanted to share what Difinitus suggested for successful Dino raid. For those who missed it here you go. I hope more servers will kill it soon. Dhiothu is an end-game progression boss. She is difficult, but able to be defeated. Here are a few suggestions if you are having trouble slaying the beast:...

Re: The Dino raid.

Idk what you guys are on about. Dino is perfect, according to the devs. Nothing wrong with it at all. The glitches, all intentional, the RNG, intentional. You wanna kill the boss just get gud. All you gotta get is good gear, have you tried having everyone wear full DG and all godlies? It should be ...

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