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Re: Lag strikes Fingal again.

Lag was bad on first round of crystlas ... Then went away for a half a round on geles intial killing and then started again and didn't stop... Wasted money wasted plat... No compensation nothing... This is beyond ridiculous... What's gonna be done? Reset Everytime after we already wasted 100$ in pla...

Re: Uptown Moo you up

I'm quiet normally, but I'll speak when necessary. Attention is something I've never sought out. Your question is an insult to my intelligence. Why would a member of Vikings or any other clan for that matter take the time to make a lvl 5 noob to message Agent k of all people and talk about how awes...

Re: Ice mage tips.

No I have 2k energy sigils but I am a DPS savvy person so I prefer not to stop at all ... One reason why I'm a mage with Proteus kills... I push firestorm bolt blast and shards all at 50 and I don't run out.

Re: Ice mage tips.

Being one of the best mages to ever do it... You can go a full 15 mins without running out of energy even with 3 25% CDs blast shards and bolt... I don't run out of energy no sacrifice no e boost just e lix and my bunny ... Just gotta be smart and take lessons from a master like me... Lesson #1 full...

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