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Re: Ban me please

Agent is absolutely right!! Otm, you guys were doing well and now it's all just garbage. You ran out of good ideas and instead of listening to our feed back your adding a cooking system lmao like what a great idea to get our vet players back (which we're losing so much) so they'll definetly want to ...

New Zone Beta?

Was just wondering if there is going to be a beta for the update that was in announcements. Is OTM going to let us players test out the new update zone like Gelebrons tower?

Auto Ranger!

Hello again forums! Just wanted to get fellow rangers to give feedback about my build for level 35 auto ranger. Right now, I'm using sharpshot, steady aim, and sharpen weapons. I'm using greater midsummer hood, lesser solstice breastplate, heroic gloves of haste, and basic ranger greaves and boots. ...

Pet Names!

What is your pet names! I have a level 2 brown rabbit named kiwi. Kiwi is a pretty cool rabbit and he got his name while I was thinking about what to eat. Kiwi is still a small rabbit but he's like my reliable pikachu even though he's kinda weak. I train kiwis ability so he isn't so weak and he is g...

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