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Re: Global Castle feedback

The game will for sure die out now. I was online for 10 minutes and already lost the motivation to play on. The lag is unreal in the castle.. yeah all other areas works just fine, but looking more at loading screens than getting bounties done will kill bounty board. Stupid idea to re arrange the sac...

Cooking quest issues

I need help, I am lvl 130, and I can't get the recipe from the quest for flapjacks, and when I finish the quest it won't give me, aswell it says comeback when your 130 and we will discuss more recipes, but I'm 130+! Otm pls help, @muldar or anyone else // all help will be appreciated https://s14.pos...

Re: Main clans on the server?

Also people leaving wg, many telling me they might leave soon due to all the drama and unfathomable, I reggin end you join Myrmidon for a nice clan that is a family, or join wg where you will be disrespected, hated and you will feel like unfathomable, and after some time in wg the boss drop u want f...

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