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DavyS1 wrote:Free plat offers only work on 1st time installs of the apps. You did not get any plat because your iTunes or google play account already has an install of that game registered to it.

Ohhh hi DavyS :)

Re: Thanks for the event!

This event is garbage most peoplehave already 5 eg toons i would perfer all raid bosses spawn every 6 hours over this honeslty... still waiting for this july update its about to be october... You have to look the current situation though a different lens. VR is stalling the update because they want...

Re: Apostate bracelet

Im quitting ch over this apostate brace. Its been farmed continuously for 7 months and gasnt dropped. Thats just insulting! A big slap in the face! Onward to WOW! I will never play another game by OTM or VR. BRAVO for driving dedicated playwrs away and wasting HUNDREDS of hours of our life! IM PISS...

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