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Re: Thanks for the event!

This event is garbage most peoplehave already 5 eg toons i would perfer all raid bosses spawn every 6 hours over this honeslty... still waiting for this july update its about to be october... You have to look the current situation though a different lens. VR is stalling the update because they want...

Re: Apostate bracelet

Im quitting ch over this apostate brace. Its been farmed continuously for 7 months and gasnt dropped. Thats just insulting! A big slap in the face! Onward to WOW! I will never play another game by OTM or VR. BRAVO for driving dedicated playwrs away and wasting HUNDREDS of hours of our life! IM PISS...

Re: Update

7 months and even this minor update can’t be reached on time. Makes me think you guys didn’t even start work on this update until your announcement at the end of June. This is exactly right! I really don’t think people who play Celtic Heroes, play other games/MMOs. The update that they are talking ...

Re: July update delayed

Chelseam2 wrote:I mean, its a bad sign when they say theyll do week long events until there is new news...that makes it sound like itll be 3+ weeks yikes

Warhammer closed beta soon, not surprised CH got shafted coz of it

Re: July update

klv wrote:I'm pretty sure they will launch it this month, difinitus said it himself, and if it doesn't happen he's gonna lose alot of credibility for it

Like he cares... the update will be late and most will accept it.

I’d love to be proved wrong :POP:

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