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Re: Stuck in the tavern

... for all who cant log in ... go on your log-in-screen, where you see all your toons on that account ...chose the toon you cant log and press „options“ on the left side .... you will find some options .... one of them is „character stuck“ press that ... after that go back to options, back to toon ...

Re: Stuck in the tavern

same, stuck in tavern and cant log a main toon for more than 12h now during an event and noone is doing anything, this is annoying af ... and i always try to defend VR for people telling bs like player doesnt matter anymore, but this makes me think they might be right ? Not even realising there is a...

only an Idea

Hey, first of all i have to say thanks for all the support we got. CH is a game i play since 2011 and it is still fun. There are friends in this game from all over the world, i know for years and thats great. Since Epona is a free server (not dominated by one main clan) we have the problem, that lot...

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