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Re: Response to griefing

I mean honestly, calm is %100 a skill used to peel a boss off a tank. No it’s not. As a mage, I gain aggro like crazy often pulling it from the tank. When a Druid calms me, it causes the mob to move to the tank and keeps me alive and dishing out damage. It is not “%100 a skill used to peel a boss o...

Re: Response to griefing

So from personal experience, I support griefing only as a reaction never as an instigator. My question to other people is do you think griefing is appropriate if you are being griefed? I'm against all types of greifing. Locking a boss with questionable numbers of ppl, and then either wiping, or loc...

Re: Ranger end game dps guide

Aaaaaamazing guide! Just need 2godly prot bracers 2godly necro rings a godly anointed ring and a reaper ring! (After I get dg, edl Quiver and a godly sureshot) Should be in my mail any day now! nice comment smartass. Think you should go read the disclaimer again. Vents guide has the best possible g...

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