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skill points

hey i just reset my stat points and i have 560 how much goes into each category. I already have 170 dex btw. i am a ranger btw

Re: world with best items market

Taranis has a nice market. Nothing goes for too over the top and im generally happy with our economy rn. Tried xfering to some other servers, from what ive seen prices here are up to 4× cheaper than the last server I visited. Epona has the best market, the OP has been answered real answer is belenu...

Re: For anyone who wants to play arawn

dont usually respond just read forums but ranger123 you really didnt need to make this you just wanted more drama dont like resurgence dont post why you shouldnt play on arawn. resurgence isnt the only clan Think you just sparked an invite to challenge him so be prepared to get a rebuttle and argum...


im a lvl 100 ranger and was wondering if beastbone armour is better than frozen armour also beastbone bow or frozen bow

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