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Donn to Belenus transfer

Looking to Xfer from Donn to Belenus the following is what I want to transfer 4 mil gold 840 exp elix 55 heroic exp elix Varying amounts of other lixes Lvl 35 heroic ammy Lvl 50 grimoire Lvl 50 focus crown Lvl 50 Regen Braces (Hp and Energy) Lvl 100 focus of the seer Lvl 100 focus crown Boots of has...

Kyr's Shop

Hey there guys! I am Kyrotch Lykmeov in game, I am on usually majority of the day feel free to mail if you are interested in a certain piece of gear or item. Disclaimer: All sales are final, prices are negotiable, I will not take items in most if not all cases of sale. F a s h i o n : Purple pant to...

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