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Re: Tiers

Ive gone from reaver -4 to lich +4 as a druid...took about a month...never again but tbh as a druid its easier to kill liches then it is to kill reavers, cant aoe them but they dont interrupt you as much and they dont do close to as much damage


Its been a while since the last competition took place, i know you have been struggling with updates lately but i was wondering if any new competitions will be coming soon. i saw mention of a pvp competition somewhere but haven't herd any other news. hope you can give us an update, Your annoying fri...


After leveling up to level 140 doing the sentinel quest i decided to try out the new quest line, but supposedly finishing the quest chain i ended up getting a repeatable in Fingel's cave. Problem is this repeatable is about 5 or 6x longer than sentinel and gives the same amount of XP Does anyone kno...

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