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Re: Found Botter on lir

I sometimes stand in the same spot for several hours while listening to music, just to farm a certain item (i.e. warrant or sth). The fact that im in the same spot, listen8ng to music and killing the mob when i see it does not mean i’m botting. Please get actual evidence first, and don’t name and sh...

Re: Set-Up for almost end game warrior

As i’m close to your level, i’ll share my opinion. For a leveling build, i use frenzy, rupture, double attack, pummel and shatter. Leftover points go in giant swing. I use the 180 offhand dagger and 180 mainhand axe. I only have 5k hp. I run full str and all my dex comes from the dagger. It gives me...

190 ammies

So i am 190 now. Im deciding on what ammies i could use. I have 1.1mil credits and a shadowstrike tome (worth about 120k). My options seem to be: -Stargem str ammy (too expensive, might have to farm gold some more) -Str perceptor ammy (good str, good skill, weak regen) -Shine Hunter ammy (nice hp bu...

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