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Re: Concentration Rings

Their use is to equip them when you about to log out of game so when you log back in you have max concentration ready to be used and as you use it you will replace the rings back with fishing power ones again until next time. +1 on regen items and would be great to add raid drops from new bosses tha...

Ancient Rod Quest - Pics

I'll update as I advance further in the quest line. https://vgy.me/Uksklc.png https://vgy.me/lCdSYj.png https://vgy.me/T0rEaw.png https://vgy.me/4lJvtd.png https://vgy.me/d4SEry.png https://vgy.me/YQiNrk.png https://vgy.me/p9hrOq.png https://vgy.me/1qma4G.png https://vgy.me/GGeLNj.png https://vgy.me...

Re: Godly ancient rod!

Roughly spawns every two hours ..can spawn up to 10 mins early or go late by 10 minutes from what I’ve seen. There’s three: Fingals, Carrow, Lirs. So Godly Fishing Rod quest is until lvl 180? I'm lvl 147 Fishing and I just worry that I level up and skip the quest or something like that, I don't kno...

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