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What to do??

I'm lvl 120 on my rogue in Arawn and every time I go to lix with a combo, I can barely kill 3*. Even off lix I can't kill 2*. I have warden armor, lesser dagger 35 pierce dmg and gives 70 strength. 85 dmg offhand. 10 e and health ammy. kron ring, 20 dex. Skill upgrade rings +4's. What should I do? (...

Re: Chicken heals

There are multiple forum posts/threads that show how pets (all pets) work. Please check those. Also be more specific when you say lvl 6... lvl 6 brown/gold, big difference.

Ice mage tips.

So, I made a ice mage and it is lvl 36. I found a problem while regening energy. I know, I know use energy sigs problem is I spent all my sigs on my main druid lvl 118. Should I just upgrade my meditate and energy boost? I really don't want to spend the plat and sigs on it. Nichol- Druid lvl 118 Cro...

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