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Buying and xfer

Also looking for a transfer for some items mostly lower level lux in a couple mounts some lix pots idols and a fair amount of gold from belenus to here Also looking to buy any no level fire mage or ranger rings fire storm and assassin lure Can reply here or mail me in game name is Criss Angel Thx

Re: Few questions about Taranis

I have been looking into the server (myself and some1 else tht is looking to come with me) and after walking around and talking to ppl from most every clan our first thought was that we liked and wanted to pursue joining bene reason for tht is from ppl in the "union clans" (aeon pride para...

Few questions about Taranis

Hey guys was looking it may be starting a toon here and was wondering if anyone could tell me about the server about the top clans which are stronger how drops work in each which bosses each can kill any clan drama what classes are most needed end game and would any clan be willing to help a few pla...

Hybrid Question

Hey Guys i was reading through some of the topics and posts and saw a lot of people saying to use a hybrid build with fire and ice skills which I like the idea of but was just curious before i decide to try it when doing a hybrid build im going to use fire bolt ice shards and firestorm as ur main dp...

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