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Re: Update

I believe we should petition or make a stand. We need new VR employees. We need to get Dfinitus and the crew off this game and hire some competent individuals. Remove my post for all I care. Cowards.

Re: Premium pet token vendor

I've spent a cumulative thousand or more between my wife and I on chests. Out of everything opened, she got the only rare pet between the two of us being a Phoenix. Once. This was about a few weeks after the release. Since then, we haven't been able to get another rare pet, we have never seen a rare...

Re: July update

Chelseam2 wrote:
klv wrote:Chill, they still got 3 days more

*last day* chill they still got 5 more hours

*2 months later" chill they're only two months late, stuff happens

Lol this.

Re: so OTM...Chest Drop Rates...When are you disclosing them?

Well.. if it says anything.. airo and I decided to spend some cash on the game yesterday. Needless to say.. she was so disappointed since she has never spent money on a game before and dropped such a large amount that for the return to be so little, it almost turned her off the game :/ I had to show...

Re: Best solo druid build? 175+

TOUCH BARK STRIKE STORM TOUCH VINES That's your build. Remaining points go to other skills you may find useful ( Sanctuary, Bless, Abundance, Swarm -- fill in the gap ) Priority Stats: Focus Skill Bonuses Nature Magic Energy Vitality I find this combo works extremely well if you have around 100 ener...

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