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Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Salty for being rejected ? Actually no I’m glad I was rather play for the clan who has to work harder for things than the clan who had been running the server for years . Who knows if I would have been accepted I would have probably pull a starbeam on you. Lol like I said when things don’t go your w...

Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Shows my true colors? I refrain always from posting on forums. Seems you accused us from rune farming but I see ava all the time farming them anytime of the day. You lose a boss and you take it to forums . Anything you post no one really seems to care I see other people from other sever commenting n...

Re: Celtic Heroes - Clan Havoc

Hypocrisy at its best lol. Great way to end it by taking a jab at a clan? Funny cause most of the post you make are about how much you hate rune farming yet you accuse havoc of using runes on boss fights on many occasions. When something doesn’t go his way he takes it forums . Guess what bud we didn...

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