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Re: Losing Interest

In the same boat as you. Work family etc has kept me really busy lately. I went ahead and deleted ch myself and honestly I have no regrets. Actually finiding myself enjoying my free time even more so.

Re: Platinum prices

USA prices have always been 100 for 4K. Australia prices far exceed that. While it would be nice to see a bigger plat amount for our money I doubt it's going to happen. Even if it did cost of buying chests etc would most likely raise to compensate.

Re: Gelebron spawn time

Shorter spawn window not spawn time i.e. 48/12 2 days till I can spawn with a 12 hr window would allow for easier planning to get the needed ppl. With 48 hr window you can plan for 1 day only to have it spawn the next. Shorter spawn windows would be nice less camping all around.

Re: Game Dying?

No idea about other servers, but epona has been really active lately. Probably because of all the xfers, though... Epona is probably the most popular server because it's different and people like the systems they run there, it gives a ton more freedom which is what I think this game needs more of. ...

Re: Riding Ability

I have a bear mount but can't find the riding ability for it anywhere. I talked to every person at the stables and the people for the pet abilities as well. Is this a bug or am I looking in the wrong place? You buy the ability from the same vendor you buy the bear mount from, Right near the barding...

Re: What is class balance?

class balance for pve would include fixing tweaking skills of all classes to improve not only individual roles. but improving the general gameplay at all stages of the game no matter what class you choose to play. I.e. Increasing Druid dps to be more in line of a ranger or warrior while leveling. Ma...

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