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Re: State of the game

For people who want to merge the servers: instead of that what would you say to letting people log into whatever server they want? Don’t let your character be bound to a single server. Just log into whatever one you want, until it is full. And then if a server is unpopulated, then it can be removed...

Re: Global Tavern

Global tavern is better than a Global castle, at least. The Castle is a useful zone and crowding it with noise and nonsense doesn't make sense. It just makes using the AH, getting mounts replaced, buying from the various vendors and killing Gladiators harder if not impossible. It was a bad idea from...

Re: It ain’t perfect

I have to agree.

The castle thing was a bummer, but overall this was a clean, solid update.

Lots of bugs were fixed.
No significant new bugs were added.
The game was playable as soon as the update finished.
The servers were up ahead of schedule.

As compared to previous efforts this was amazing.

Re: Global Castle feedback

Loading the castle is troublesome, right now particularly. Waiting a full minute is a little annoying, but not horrible. You got lucky. I'm trying to load a toon that logged in the castle. It's been a full 5 minutes and I'm stuck on the loading screen. So basically any character that logged in the ...

Re: Global Castle feedback

This is the worse update I've ever seen Nah. They only messed up one zone. The servers aren't laggy all around. The game doesn't crash. They actually fixed a fair number of bugs, don't seem to have reintroduced old ones or too many new ones. But, IMO, the decision to make the castle a global zone i...

Re: Global Castle Feedback

Gladiators are now shared between all servers? They were nearly impossible before, especially for support toons, now they are functionally impossible. The castle is a lag-fest and the AH is virtually unusable. What are the good aspects of merging the castle? What value did it add to the gaming exper...

Re: A Beast Awakens

On another note, will the update fix certain visual glitches that either were missed/not fixed after the last release? Hopefully including the "Pit of the Abyss" that appears on the stairs leading to the Proteus room in Arcane. I am most positive that has been fixed in the latest update. ...

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