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Need new chest

On epona prices of everything is tanking from fashion selling sometimes at 5g instruments 500g its about time we move on to the summer event even chest don't sell at 25k as easily as it used to at the start . Anyone currently planning to buy chest I suggest you wait for the next event to get more mo...

"Sigh" More Login issues

Have been tryng to log in with no luck i know the clans are killing bosses so it could be a bussier time for logins anyways everytime i press enter it just sticks on loading screen i click reset character it does nothing then i decided to move my bank account out of tavern to see if it will help me ...

Re: Everything is now expensive

why is it that everything is now way to expensive in this game from charms, mounts chest, fashion and gear esepecially when people want 50million a single gear item like dhiothu totem people even want 15million for a skeleton charm and similar ones It’s all a matter of supply and demand. Those hall...

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