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Hoarding Clan Drops

In Clan Forever of Rosmerta we suspected one of our main drop collectors had been hoarding drops and keeping for themselves. While the reason they are stealing from our clan is not known we were able to get the proof we needed to know this was happening. We have allowed all clan members to vote on b...

Re: Server Downtime - 2PM GMT (08/12) - Server Maintenance

However, it has been a few times already where you guys have gone far beyond the time you claimed it would take to get the servers back up (1hour and 32 minutes exactly). All this time I have been sitting alone just waiting for something to happen, and once again you guys need more time. This is th...

Casters and Spears

I wasnt able to find an old post about this. Any class can equip an aggy spear but casters are not able to get the spear ability. I wouldnt think there would be a good caster build using a spear but it seems to me that if they are able to equip a spear they should be able to train the ability. They ...

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