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Re: Tavern Log-in Spot

Yes, was very annoying to get stuck in this loop...the only way I could find to get out of it was a pain...I had to log the toon in the tavern, leave the tavern to another map, then log out, and change server log into the new server, log out, then I was able to get out of this loop, but I also had ...

New content? Fashion? Anything?

We need new content. I understand that adding maps is complicated and not in the works right now. But even a set of new fashion would give people something. Faster spawns rate events are NOT enticing for many eg players. The biggest complaint is NO NEW CONTENT. A better strategy for retaining older ...

Re: Players need to unite

It may be easier to get all servers to refuse to log for 1 hour. Some asshat will always break and do what they want a d buy plat. But if devs see that all servers are empty for one hour, they will see that players can unite. They will notice that. Then if they still refuse to do something about the...

Re: deca admin

I was curious what is support email im trying to report a botter but idk the support email if anyone knows just reply to this post plz
I would also like the active email address for support.

Re: CM Acalos

Welcome. If you haven't already, I'd like to ask for you to level a toon to 220 (even if you get your lix and armour drops from the Celtic fairy gods). It would help you understand players better. Not sure if you are interested or have time, but it may also be a faster way for you to acclimated to t...

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