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Shadow strike drops

So me and a friend were debating where shadow strike drops. I said it drops from basically all mobs in murky while he said it dropped from 4*lizards only. Idk about you guys but ive gotten shadow strike 3 times from hawks and 1 time from lizards so whos right. Does it drop from lizard only or all mo...


So Is there a way to change my user name on here. I put my xbox gamer tag instead of my ign :lol:


So I just realized I cant pm people on the forums. Whats a guy gotta do to be able to send pms to other users. :cry:

Re: Back at last

Aww yee thats my boi repn geno all day ery day

* for those that cant read street lang*
Oh yes. Thats my fellow clannie supporting genocide woot woo. :mrgreen:

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