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Remembering Rosmerta in Version 2

A nostalgic tribute to the best server in game and to a version long gone. Why? I'm a fan of Rosmerta and its people, the good and the bad(ass). In rosmerta version 2,, the first major boss battle i saw between two clans then, alliance and epic, was bladewing. I don't remember who won. But it was my...

Re: Hey there its rody

Well said ohia. I consulted rody often hes reasonable and very sensible guy. Man, him and dalcais wonderful and fun people. Fortunate to have had both of them with us. It was never the same when these guys stopped playing. And Guan i hope plays active again.

Re: Hey there its rody

Will miss u man. Ur one of the truly genuine people ive met in game. Great memories u leave here. Wish u all the best in life, ur doing the right thing setting ur priorities right. Im just a touch away if u ever need a random ear.

Re: Revenge new awake

You are not the only decent bank clan :) only clan bank that can take major ow bosses ona regular base, without needing all top lvls on. only clan bank that could beat awake in ffas every now and then. only clan bank that has taken aggragoth already and only clan bank that can make a good fight out...

Re: History of Rosmerta

Every story is biased no matter what. So tell it from ur biased pov if not agree with someones biased pov. Just no insults. It's just a thread of peoples stories as they seen it were not writing a consolidated one story Me and cleo talkin the other day and she goes to me tells me she used to be in t...

History of Rosmerta

Hi guys:) do u think that it is possible for us to co-write a history for rosmerta drama? I am thinking of doing it per clan as they existed towards their demise or present form. Let's write it in a way that rosmerta will be proud of our heritage and not bring anyone down. It is also a good way to a...

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