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Re: The State of Sulis

Mr. Genius, you should double check your resources better. As I mentioned, one if you will end up in jail if this ever gets uncover. Now, when you find a girlfriend and I mean a real one, not a virtual one, things like this will happen, not all of us love games. (Its part of life Mr. Genius, get a l...

Re: The State of Sulis

Impersonation Noun An act of pretending to be another person for the purpose of fraud. Also a way to define crime is invasion of privacy with costant harrasment to a minor from two adults. I’m sure everyone knows what is being refferd to. Sooner or later jail time will come to at least one of you. I...

Re: Something has to be done

OTM needs to take action, enough is enough. The 1337 Clan has a bad reputation when it comes to play fair, from their verbal abuse (verbal bullying) to other players, resetting Legacy bosses over and over for their own profit, buying accounts or sell them for real money (Fraud) and have the audacity...

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