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Corrupted Garden Creeper things

Did otm take inspiration from Deku Babas in zelda ocarina of time and zaganaga from zelda a link between worlds for the new creeper plant thing Look it up, there is striking resemblence. Btw this is not a bash at otms game designers, i think the enemies look super cool im just wandering if they took...

Otherworld questline help

My sister and i continued to do the questline for the ow, reached like level 87 or something and got to the quest in murky vaults where u talk to each of the people on the ground and pick up the cargo crate thats on the ground next to them. After that we went to talk to logan and then the girl next ...

support issues

hi ive recently had account difficulties and i emailed the support email like a week to a week and a half ago and still have received no reply. How long does it usually take for them to reply? do they sometimes just ignore the emails?

Re: Remember when...

Anthony2023 wrote:

Lol I completely forgot about that until you mentioned it.

remember beast walkers?

i remember killing a green beast walker and it dropping an emerald ._. i sold that for like 3k and could afford a peice of redclaw and i felt op

Re: Enough with the AH BS

Pretty sure you've confirmed several things for future updates in the past that never transpired.... Just sayin..... Can you provide specifics? Off the top of my head, no, but I know there's been several things over the years..... dont talk out of ur ass if u dont know how to back it up with evidence

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