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These forums are supposed to be a place where players can safely and freely share and discuss their ideas and experiences about Celtic Heroes. Instead the forums have become nothing more than avenue for players to publicly ridicule and attack other players. It's sad that so many of you feel it's acc...

Apple app review time

Everyone has been saying for some time now that apples app review process is 2 weeks, and that android's app review process is much shorter (which is y android always gets released first). I was curious and did some googling; While it is true that android's review process is much shorter (2 hrs acco...

Re: which clan is stronger?

It kinda depends on what ur looking for ig. Like intro, I found that neither clan line rlly shared my ideals. Both clan lines have good and bad ppl. They both have their good points and their problems. I've been in lnvct/ronin, and am currently in sylph (hopefully elems soon). Personally I didn't ca...

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