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Re: T10 skills

Anyone knows the axe yet? And please not someone whom again will tell me t10 is 2.5k-3k dmg when t8 is 3k. I hardly believe any clan would upgrade that offhand. That offhand along side with support druid and support mage are one of the worse. Quivers are the best of the worse. Our warrior got t10 o...

Re: Bug or design?

It isn't bug. Item is marked as NO TRADE, which means really NO TRADE ... even no trade to merchant ... it works this way with all NO TRADE items in-game even if they have value in gold ...

Re: Bloodthorn helmet drop

are offy skills better at t8 than edl skill? do you notice difference? rangers skill seems to be short lasting gz on kill As from rogues view i would say they are better as u ger 2x 4k dmg per tick (8k) instead of 2k per tick ... if u manage to keep skill on boss whole time, but i can understand th...

Re: Rapid shot not in shop ??

Rapid shot is 100% from quest but this skills from quest can be always bought in castle for 5gold ... i have little 140 ranger i started not long ago and have rapid shot there ... try contacting support if you arent glitched if you cant find it in shop and you have quests completed

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