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Re: Testing The Famous Low Level Chest Opening Rumor!(100x2 chests)

Chests arent even close to worth it anymore. Only ever spend my plat on hero combos, super haste and alt books. I think you're on to something there. Why hunt and hunt for cheaper plat items. They've inflated incredibly on my server, many don't sell outside of clan anymore except at near 2x what th...

Re: Testing The Famous Low Level Chest Opening Rumor!(100x2 chests)

Some of us have been saying for a while some kind of premium extra or guarantee should come with a $100 plat purchase. Like a chest guaranteed to drop some sort of jackpot.

At the moment, I use plat to buy alt books because I can sell them like hotcakes at 13k ea. Cheaper to buy what I want.

Re: Chests

As I always say about chests: it is better to sell and buy what you want. Even if you have to pay 20k for 5 haste. If you can turn a chest into 20k, it's the same as getting a haste crate from every chest you "open."

Re: Halt!!

That’s true.-. But I think they just did reduced window since the code was probably present from the past and it was easier for them to do it for that reason. Maybe in the future they can consider just boosting amount of drops. Hmmm.. Im pretty sure its same amount of work. We talked about doing th...

Re: Please elaborate

More than likely going to be every 4 hours I think, sure that was the time last time they ran this event Also question I don’t see carrow anywhere so is this all legacies all areas? All legacies all areas. Most legacies spawn in carrow. Carrow carnage v2. We’ve meen memed. How long between spawns?

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