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Re: Pureness

Grats! I like the new armor. I think otm is giving us a chance to use all those banked hrung, necro, mordy and event boss drops that no one wants. I can see my auto dps going down a lot, but I'm sure the added skill dmg will make up for it. It is nice to have options.

Mini Event

So here is my question. How do Yall feel about making event content easier at the end of an event? I understand why OTM made the spawns of the event bosses shorter. There has been a lot of negative feedback about the drop rate of Skain necks during the Beltane event and OTM is trying to fix that. I ...

Re: Advice on pure DPS build

Sorry I guess I forgot that pure dps means full str builds. I guess I also forgot that with low attack you miss more frequently and that doesn't effect dps. I guess I also forgot that rogues with no hp die a lot faster and that dead rogues and rogues death penalty put out ridiculous amounts of dps. ...

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