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What do I do if I asked for my main restored then someone else uses the name that my main had? Like for example my main was in the 150s but someone made a lvl 1 with the same name? Does that mean I can’t get my main restored?

Hi again

Someone made a lvl 1 named kittens. So if that lvl 1 goes around starting crap.. just know it’s not me.. my rep is effed up enough that I don’t want to make it worse..

Re: Hi.

Kittens there’s no reason to take this out on yourself. This is a video game, people get over things and forgive. You’re not dumb... and as far as I know you haven’t scammed anyone so don’t say you have. Also I believe the account you used was SomeRandomGirl, but I can buy new lux if I really have ...


Hi. I didn’t know where to post so everyone could see it. I know most of y’all know or think I’m some little kid. Truth is I’m a 22 nearly 23 (literally autistic. Been diagnosed with it at le bhoneir.) I never really realized that my actions and lies (catfishing so I’ve learned is what it’s called r...

Re: Server Downtime.

Yes, this is a game. A game that many of us have payed a substantial amount to play and fund. And the servers being down means that I and others are not getting what we payed for. So yeah, there should definitely be a measure of accountability and/or compensation with regards to this. I don't know ...

Re: Server Downtime.

bob the mage wrote:
Kittens wrote:
bob the mage wrote:ETA for server restart is 10am BST on June 1st, 2017

Whats eta mean?

estimated time they will come back up. ETA is estimated time of arrival.

Ok thx

Re: Server Downtime.

bob the mage wrote:
Kittens wrote:Im still not understandin.. lack of sleep is makin me comprehend very little.. muldar is sayin servers gonna be down for 24 hrs right?

ETA for server restart is 10am BST on June 1st, 2017

Whats eta mean?

Re: Server Downtime.

Latest Update / Catch Up: Earlier today due to a hardware fault at our hosts all world servers were halted without notice. We have worked through the day with our hosts to resume normal services and get world servers running. While we have now resolved the initial issue the process of resuming serv...

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