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Re: Apostate bracelet

the part you didn't mention is the only person from that group that got the brace was no other than you I did mention that, right at the top. And I was not the only one.. Even if I were the only one to get the brace, my argument stands. I know I and a few others all got ours after roughly 20-30 hou...

Re: Apostate bracelet

I guess I’ll toss my insight in here... the game is so stale now that this item and this update from November 2018 is basically the only thing people have really cared about in the past 2 years so it’s fair everyone knows what happened. Initial drop rate when it first came out was something like 1 i...

Re: buy golden camoflarge charm or xp pendant 500 chest

XP pendant is constant 2x XP FYI, not 20% Pretty good for afk fishing or cooking, otherwise just looks neat. Despite the description saying 20% xp (I'm assuming you mean the Ruby Skull Knowledge Pendant), it's actually 200%? So it's bugged (either the description or the effect). Yeah it’s 200%. Sam...

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