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Re: All About Gwydion!

Played from 2011 this is my server is rigged for relentless job is why he hints at if your a plat buyer best is advise is to find another server i have two 205s a few 180s and I can't even get dl inless in pay mills still only 1 dl wep ever cause i dont wanna buy but play daily but bosses are rigged...

Re: Power of Friendship

He is a alt of a relentless and the clan is just ran by a relentless alt sadly wish server was fair but this server is rigged for relentless job played from 2011 cant get even dl items for free inless i can farm myself and lock battle or donate 20x what i need. One dl weapon still ever i have two 20...

Re: Time for a change:

Wish this was true you guys just make alts and camp them still played from 2011 and allways thought ppl where just kinda lame tell like last year the server is 100% rigged for players job just trying to save ppl from the mess here they want rich ppl that will support there job only i have two 205s t...

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