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Bt event

Is there any chance we could combine the bt event with slightly higher drop rates for the higher tiers of gear? Just an idea, think a lot of people would like to see some nice gear come out of it.

Re: Dhio dead by Arawn Resurgence

that is dmg... though not sure if a nuke went or not, I kind of laughed as I reviewed video... the dmg is so excessive on all hits, I mean 14k is more than enough wipe me... this kind of stuff kills you for six months... Its super excessive. Bet no one's even got close to 50k health Im an oldie and...


If I make a poll on whether VR should give everyone 10 free chests and it goes through with over 50 votes, can we has some? :3

Re: Chest rates gone better?

I must have been severely unlucky then... Opened 1000 chests, and the only good things I got were 100% warthog cape, 90% boar and 85/20 warthog mount. White wyldwood top as well, but that’s meh. Never counted the mount tokens, but I didn’t get a single Phoenix or dragon egg, or any corrupted seeds.....

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