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If I make a poll on whether VR should give everyone 10 free chests and it goes through with over 50 votes, can we has some? :3

Re: Chest rates gone better?

I must have been severely unlucky then... Opened 1000 chests, and the only good things I got were 100% warthog cape, 90% boar and 85/20 warthog mount. White wyldwood top as well, but that’s meh. Never counted the mount tokens, but I didn’t get a single Phoenix or dragon egg, or any corrupted seeds.....

Re: which clan is stronger?

xIcySnakex wrote:
Caety wrote:My ears were burning :3

Wannabe hollah xoxoxo

Caety you were rejected from elementals so you decided to steal drops from invictus bank, then join Ronin.

Where do you get your information from? Sounds like a ton of bullcrap to me. But then again, can't expect much from Urmel.

Re: Are you kidding me???

If they were lying dead but did not religious, their progression towards lock is not reset. Also no. 3 sets of lixes used on Mordy is not much, doesn't matter if you don't buy plat or have other bosses on your schedule. Mordy is a raid boss which is hard and if you guys can't kill her without wiping...

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