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Re: Why does Nuada get no love?

Celtic Heroes community logic lmao. That's why I wanted it to be like Epona Guess it's a server where rejects and scammers can run free lmao I don't care what you want. We are doing fine. Why the hell does this dude think scammers run free on servers? On epona scammers and rejects can buy ANYTHING....

Re: A few questions from a newbie ^^

Tip: take everything loco cola says with a grain of salt. He thinks his opinion is fact, which it certainly isn't. Gwydion is the worst server to be eg? Epona is bad for new players? No idea where he got either of those ideas from :lol: @gwydion What happened to aeternum, the runner up clan who cla...

Re: Revival Chests...urghh

After looking back I can see nothing that says the chests will be out for a limited time, all I could find was the date and event of which the chests were released. Couldn't find anything on the forums or any old screenshots so Otm never lied... lol Go look at the thread "what do you think of ...

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