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Re: New scammer technique

Something people aren't realizing is that this isn't random named noobs scamming people.. it's residents of specific servers targeting specific clans via people with copycat names, and watching for them to log in... at that point they begin whispering people to "borrow ammys" or... "g...

Re: Appeals

I can say that I've been a member of this clan for years now, and I try to help anyone who joins when I'm available. A handful of people broke the game and now we have to suffer for it, when we did nothing. Understand that you're punishing innocent players along with any perpetrators, and it's hurti...

Re: The new Aeon Chests

I bought 100 and split them with my hubby. So out of my 50, I got 3 pieces of mediocre fashion, a charm, and a harp. No mount. I wasn't expecting much with only buying a small amount and also knowing the drop rates were being nerfed. I did get decent gold and a good amount of plat back. But there w...

Re: The new Aeon Chests

AlCapone12345 wrote:
Bluemuse wrote:Has anyone gotten an effect fashion piece yet? Haven't seen a single one on my server... were they stripped completely out of the chests?

Yes i already got stardust yellow glenmor gloves

Ty for confirmation.

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