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Re: Lancers Of Lir - iOS Update

Please I'm a level 214 rogue on Taranis come see if I raid, I'm just not a cry babie about a update that's not going as fast as I'd like it too but maybe that's just me.. ofc I wanna play ofc I want a wolf battlemount and ofc I wanna raid but I'd rather do it on a server with less bugs then them jus...

Re: Lancers Of Lir - iOS Update

We have it lucky considering it's only been a few hrs and should be up soon, on world of Warcraft (one of the best mmos out there) servers go down ever two weeks for 6-8hrs.. so lets not cry at otm.. blizzard does it too.. and I'd rather come onto a big free or minor bug update then them roll out fu...

Re: Few questions about Taranis

Dragon if you come to Taranis and wanna enjoy a game how it's meant to be played we welcome you here at benevolence, hi my name is mrjohnnydepp 214 rogue of benevolence player since 2013. We here at benevolence take a more reasonable approach to Celtic heroes gameplay. Lets start with dl (can only s...

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