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A Xfer from Belenus to Arawn

Looking for a Xfer from the server Belenus to the server Arawn, If you got stuff on Arawn (or gold) and would like stuff on Belenus (or gold)

Just let me know! (My class on Arawn is a ranger)

Can reply here
In game ( IGN is Spector)
Or on Line ( Line ID is hazaelfreyr)

Zie je later!

From Belenus

Hello everyone, I am from the server Belenus looking to start a life for myself on Arawn. I'll try to keep this as short as I can, I'd like to know a little bit about the economy here, prices of your usually things, xp elixirs,heroic hastes,energy lixes,hp lixes,heroic trav elixirs, Rez idols,resto ...


Buying *Spooky* Orange Hunter pants.

(Must be spooky)

I will overpay tremendously for these pants.

My line: hazaelfreyr
IGN: Spector

Thanks :D

Re: Big Sale.

Black lugh was really easy to find, I had many that I gave for free as no one expected for them to be of any worth, but ppl are so dumb, whats so rare about black lugh masks? They were found easily. Black party hats at least were drops from black party hat mobs. They are extremely rare because it's...

Re: Belenus: First Gelebron kill!!

Was not that hard, And apparantly my last appearance in this game for a longer time, i decided to quit Celtic Heroes. For several reasons, one of them is the only one iwant to share with you innocent players and also the only one not personal - the upcoming update- The body stance got messed up aga...

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