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Re: hey! And also buying!

It was pink hunter. I bought it off a level 5. I thought it was armor lol. Spent 175k on it and hoping it will be easy to sell lol. I have no clue if I was ripped off or not but I'm hoping I can sell it! Then afterwords I found out that actually buying gold wasn't the best idea. Oh well. The more I ...

Re: hey! And also buying!

I had more gold to start out with, but i had bought some armor. Well i thought it was armor lol! It turned out to be useless. It wasn't armor! Lol! So i will be selling what i had gotten.

New player, would love advice.

I just made my toon today and bought platinum and bought 167k. For a low level like me right now what stats are best? I was told to only upgrade health and to only invest in health sigils and some energy sigils. Before i do just that, what is the best way for me start stats out as? What is the best ...


Hey everyone! I'm Liona Pride. I made my first toon today on Crom. This isn't my first mmorpg. I've played runescape since I was maybe 13-16. I quit runescape due to the fact people were just plain mean lol. I just turned 20 a couple months ago. I've been watching and reading the forums until I knew...

hey! And also buying!

Hey everyone! I'm new to the game. Spent some money on here and have 167k and was told to buy some sigils. i've been told to buy for 5k each and to buy a lot of health ones and some energy. I'm a warrior. I was told to upgrade hp only. I would love some advice so please post here or mail me in game!...

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