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Re: lowest level chief

OpticalAwakens wrote:lvl doesnt matter in a clan leader. u need leadership, and fairness with distribution.

i have found that the level of loyal long term players really goes as high as the chief does, just trying to see if i am correct

Re: lowest level chief

LeGenDzZ wrote:TubbyWubble II of Relentless is lvl5

a level 5 named tubby told high levels to join his clan, never made another toon higher than 5 and is not a toon shared by multiple people? or is this a troll post...

lowest level chief

out of all the top clans from every server, which one has the lowest level chief (main)? that means the clan that is on the top leaderboard position of that server.

Gwydion: None
Epona: 221
Danu: None


2 p bears, 2 p lions, 2 p eggs and 2 p gems, 140/150 event luxury ammy (not the Halloween ammy unless it regens energy and sold for cheap), ty

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